VID 301 | Principles of Video Programming


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Instructor: Jon Bremner

This 12 week course will cover all the necessary information required to program a video design into a cueable and/or triggered system. By the end of this course, students will be versed in programming their own sequential and non-sequential designs with transitions, triggered and automated cueing. Expanded topics will cover file management, codecs, video performance, blending and mapping, design semiotics and the software platforms FileMaker Pro, Qlab, Isadora and Watchout. Students will need a computer capable of running each software (Qlab is Apple only and Watchout is PC only,) in order to participate in the generative portions of the course. The listed software and a computer with reliable internet and a modern graphics card will be required for the completion of this course.


COURSE START DATE:  August 15, 2017

Instructor:  Jon Bremner

Course Length:  20- 25 hours (estimated)

Difficulty Level:  All experience levels

Prerequisites: VID 101, Reliable internet connection, Moderately powered graphics card, 

Required Software: FileMaker Pro, Qlab, Isadora and Watchout

Required Texts: "Show Networks and Control Systems" by: John Huntington, 
                           "Qlab 3 Show Control: Projects for Live Performances & Installations" By: Jeromy Hopgood

Program Type:  Certificate with Verifiable Credential

Syllabus will be posted soon.

John Bremner


Jon Bremner is the owner and creative director at Lucid Studios in New York City. Jon is both a veteran of the US Navy and a designer/engineer for productions across the US. Jon most recently provided video design for the musical "The Count of Monte Cristo", by Yves Dessca, at the Montalban Theater in Los Angeles. He also recently served as one of three video leads in the Second Stage run of Dear Evan Hansen before it was picked up for its broadway run at the Music Box Theatre. Jon is a former graduate of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command and holds a degree in video design from Fordham University at Lincoln Center. His passion for execution and engineering design is at the core of his philosophy for the future of video arts. 

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