AUD 129 | Acoustics for Theatre Professionals


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Instructor: Jennifer Timms


Acoustics are an essential knowledge for audio professionals.  This course is designed to equip students (including designers, TD's, directors and other theatre professionals) with a basic understanding of acoustics and why they are important.  Students will learn ways in which acoustics behave, how various materials acoustics, how to identify acoustical problems in various types of spaces as well as the basic ways in which to correct each of these acoustical issues. 



Instructor:  Jennifer Timms

Course Length:  20+ hours (estimated)

Difficulty Level:  All experience levels

Prerequisites:  None.

Program Type:  Certificate with Verifiable Credential

Module 1:
1. Read Syllabus

2. Why acoustics are important
3. Read Ch. 1
4. Take quiz 1
5. Watch Lecture 1

Module 2:
1. Read Ch. 2
2. Take quiz 2
3. Watch Lecture 2

Module 3:
1. Read Ch. 3 How Sound Behaves (save Speech vs. Music for later)
2. Take quiz 3
3. Watch Lecture 3
4. Read Ch. 3 Speech vs. Music

Module 4:
1. Take Midterm (This will be on a timer and you will have 2 hours within which to complete the exam once it has started)

2. View Project 1 (Due at beginning of module 7)

Module 5:
1. Read Ch. 4
2. Take quiz 4
3. Watch Lecture 4

Module 6:
1. View Project 2 (Will be due at beginning at Module 8)
2. Read Chs. 5-7
3. Take quiz 5

Module 7:
1. Upload your finished project 1
2. Read Chs. 8-12
3. Take quiz 6
4. Watch Lecture 5
5. Read Appendix Part One: Case studies

Module 8:
1. Upload your finished Project 2

Module 9:
1. Take Final Exam (This will be on a timer and you will have 3 hours within which to complete the exam once it has started) - YOU WILL NEED A CALCULATOR CAPABLE OF DOING LOGARITHMIC EQUATIONS. YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS WITH YOUR SMART PHONE, COMPUTER, OR GOOGLE A FREE ONE ONLINE.

2. OPTIONAL: Course feedback Survey

Jennifer Timms

Jennifer Timms holds an MFA in Sound Design from Boston University, as well as completing a year long sound internship certificate program with the Yale School of Drama.  She graduated from the College of Charleston with a B.A. in Theatre. She is a professional Sound Designer with experience in theatre and live sound. While at BU she authored and published a book on acoustics titled Acoustics for Theatre Professionals in a Modern Age.
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