What is the number one skill lacking from aspiring costumers?

Without a doubt, it patternmaking.  Surely, you've already seen this in your own travels.  It's the ability to modify purchased patterns or build a pattern for scratch from your own ideas.  Maybe it's you.  Maybe it's that new girl in the costume shop.  But it is often eye-opening how many wardrobe employees have decent or even great skill on a sewing machine, but are lacking in the pattern department.

It can be incredibly frustrating to stand in a shop, looking through patterns, but finding that every single option has something that just isn't what you had in mind.  If only it weren't a coin toss as to whether you'll be able to make it into what you sold to the director.

And what if you're building something to which there just isn't going to be a pattern in the first place?  Without essential skills in creating patterns, you don't stand a chance.

And that's why Stagecraft Academy has teamed with Tricia Camacho of The Patterned Seamstress to offer a series of great online courses on Patternmaking.  Tricia has worked on giant productions and created/modified costumes for productions including Jersey Boys, The Lion King, Le Reve, The Full Monty (national tour), Blue Man Group, Absinthe, and Cirque du Soleil.  She is known for building quality garments, and that starts with quality patterns!

Our WRD 111 - Principles of Patternmaking course is web-based, accessible by anyone worldwide with internet access.  Travel with us into Tricia's wardrobe shop as she teaches essential components that will allow you to begin modifying and building patterns immediately.  Ask questions directly to the accomplished pattern maker and receive feedback on your work. 

The course is entirely self-paced and on your schedule.  All that is needed is a sewing machine and a desire to learn and improve!

Learning patternmaking from a pro is a tremendous head start versus trying to learn it elsewhere.  Check out more details below!