What if you had a reputation for being able to perfectly tune every room in which you ever worked?

Somewhere in your town, there's probably a building where people put on plays or musicals or concerts.  But perhaps this building was built eons ago and even with modernization, it lacks good acoustics.  In other words, every time there's a show there, it's almost impossible to hear let alone understand what's being said or sung.  Or perhaps, you can hear well in some seats, but not others.  Do you know a place like that?  We do -- it's a terrible place to see a show, and perhaps people start avoiding it for this very reason.

Imagine being able to walk into that space and make it sound great.  What kind of hero would you be?  That's the magic that studying acoustics will bring to your career as an audio designer or engineer.

Why do acoustics matter?  If not done well, the audience is left unhappy and unsatisfied.  They can't understand what is being said.  Particularly if people have paid "good money" to be there, bad acoustics cause people to complain.  And there's nothing worse than an unhappy crowd who are all looking at the sound guy.  A venue could conceivably go out of business based on bad acoustics.  After all, when people go somewhere specifically to listen to others, they're pretty likely to go elsewhere if they end up not being able to listen.

There is beauty in sound, and that beauty can truly be enhanced with good acoustics. A performance space should be set up to take advantage of reverberation, speaker placement, and other considerations which help make sounds sound dynamic, interesting and pleasurable to the ears.Our AUD 129 - Acoustics for Theatre Professionals course is taught by Jennifer Timms, who literally wrote the book on modern acoustics.  Jennifer will take you from no understanding of acoustics to a masterful understanding of what it takes to move the sound in your venue from crappy to concert.

Being known as the audio guy or gal "who can make any room sound great" is a career-maker.  This is a $174 investment that will pay off THOUSANDS over the years of your career.The course is entirely self-paced and on your schedule.  So take the first step to becoming legendary and start studying acoustics today. Check out more details below!