It isn't a mistake.
One of you has won a Lifetime Scholarship.

You didn't think we were kidding, did you?!

It's that time... the time to announce the winners of our Launch Contest.  A giant THANK YOU shout-out to everyone.  But first, an important message -- helping us spread the word about Stagecraft Academy is the absolute BEST way to ensure that we can continue to bring you outstanding content and instructors.  If you get two seconds this week, tell someone about us and help be a part of our success!

How to Claim A Prize

If your name appears in any of the lists below, YOU ARE A WINNER!  Simply email to claim your prize.  You MUST email us from the email address that you used to enter in order to claim a prize.  We do this to prevent fraud.

And, without further adieu, HERE WE GO!  THE ENVELOPE PLEASE!!

PRIZE:  Stagecraft Academy T-Shirts

WINNER:     Aaron Gotlieb - Lawrenceville, GA

WINNER:     Mike Hennessy - Davis, CA

WINNER:     Thomas Hudson - Trenton, NJ

WINNER:     Sarah Martin - Boston, MA

WINNER:     Cassidy Robbins - Hickory, NC

PRIZE:  $50 Academy Gift Cards

WINNER:     Chris Brooks - Norman, OK

WINNER:     Scott Chapman - Charlottesville, VA

WINNER:     Lindy Forman - Antioch, CA

WINNER:     Lauren Sutter - Champaign, IL

WINNER:     Seoyoung Kim - (Location Unknown)

PRIZE:  One (1) Free Enrollment*

WINNER:     Natasha Keehan, Richmond, VIC, Australia

WINNER:     Sarah Moore - St. Louis, MO

WINNER:     Joel Jacob Quinn - Manchester, England, UK

WINNER:     Gabe Stringer - Illinois

WINNER:     Hannah Thrasher - San Jose, CA

*Free Course is subject to restrictions to be provided to the winners via email.

GRAND PRIZE:  Lifetime Scholarship

This is the moment... when all I've done... All of the dreaming, scheming and screaming become one.  This is the day... just see it shine.  When all I've lived for... becomes mine.

Oops!  Sorry, got caught up in a Jekyll & Hyde sing-a-long!

One last winner to announce -- and this prize is worth MUCHO DINERO! 

Congratulations to the winner of a LIFETIME SCHOLARSHIP from Stagecraft Academy!

WINNER:     Sarah Hooper - Danbury, CT

For those of you who didn't win -- be sure to check out our courses that are beginning to ramp up!  There's so much to learn to kick-start your career.  Let's GO!