AUD 121 | QLab Show Development

To be a successful audio technician, you must have an excellent working knowledge of QLab; not only in operations but in preparation.  Our QLab Show Development course covers all of... Learn More


LX 101 | Principles of Stage Lighting

Fundamentals of Stage Lighting covers the nature and properties of light, objectives of stage lighting, and how to develop a concept for stage lighting.  Students will learn to understand basic... Learn More


WRD 111 | Patternmaking

Learn the basics of patternmaking from a theatrical seamstress.  Students will learn three basic pattern making principles that can be adapted to most patterns.  This course is a great opportunity... Learn More


AUD 125 | Mixing with DCAs

If you're not fully aware of DCAs (Digitally-Controlled Amplifiers) in the world of mixing and console operation, then you're training is not nearly complete.  Our Mixing with DCAs course will... Learn More