LX 101 | Principles of Stage Lighting

Fundamentals of Stage Lighting covers the nature and properties of light, objectives of stage lighting, and how to develop a concept for stage lighting.  Students will learn to understand basic... Learn More


LX 165 | Drafting for Stage Lighting

The importance of creating legible and well-organized lighting plots cannot possibly be understated.  One the number one complaints of top LD's is the poor quality of paperwork generated by newer... Learn More


LX 201 | Advanced Stage Lighting

Our Advanced Stage Lighting course goes in-depth on the design side of lighting.  Students will take the design process and break it down into manageable pieces to learn how each... Learn More


LX 202 | Scene Lighting: Breaking It Down

Scene Lighting:  Break it Down is essentially a truncated version of Advanced Stage Lighting.  Students will take scenes and break them down to the basic systems, with a focus on... Learn More


LX 222 | Electricity for Stage Lighting

Electricity for Stage Lighting drills into the nuances of both 120v and 208v power.  Students will learn how to set-up a power distro and balance it correctly.  Students will learn... Learn More


LX 301 | Mastering LX Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the key to being the effective LX technician and ultra-hirable.  This skill is invaluable in the field.  Students will learn the steps necessary to quickly troubleshoot your rig. ... Learn More