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SM 222  |  First Aid for Stage Managers

SM 222 | First Aid for Stage Managers

  This self-paced course will ensure that the student has a full understanding of the basic principles to be carried out in the event of an accident or first aid... Learn More


- $75.00

JOUR 101 | Theatre Journalism

Learn the basics of creating articles about the performing arts - from musicals, plays and cabaret to opera, ballet and more.  Students will develop essential skills in interviewing, essay-writing, list... Learn More


ENT 201 | Mastering Contract Negotiation

You've finally started getting into the audition room and landing the gig.  Or they've called and said they want you for their tour.  Or perhaps you're stuck getting the same... Learn More


AUD 125 | Mixing with DCAs

If you're not fully aware of DCAs (Digitally-Controlled Amplifiers) in the world of mixing and console operation, then you're training is not nearly complete.  Our Mixing with DCAs course will... Learn More