ACT 126 | Challenging "Do Nothing" Acting

"That was great, but can you do less?" or "Can you throw it away more?" How many times have actors heard heard these exact questions in the audition room?  But... Learn More


ACT 140 | Script Analysis I

Script Analysis is for directors who want to develop skills in the reading of dramatic texts for theatre production.  Students examine how basic dramatic structures and specific theatrical approaches invite... Learn More


ACT 145 | Script Analysis for Film & TV Auditions

The course gives students the skills necessary to break down film and television audition sides.  Every side, be it comedy or drama, has a certain formula we must decipher.  The... Learn More


ACT 280 | Undergraduate & Graduate School Preparation

Nothing can be more daunting for a young actor than the desperate search for monologues for audition in both undergraduate and graduate school auditions.  Students will examine this process, from... Learn More


ACT 321 | Art of the Actor - The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique

Participants in these acting classes/workshops will be led through a series of intuitive, imaginative, and psycho-physical exercises that seek to strengthen mind-body connections to both the technical processes, as well... Learn More


ACT 326 | The Feldenkrais Method

Each 3-hour workshop consists of three thematically-grouped Awareness Through Movement® lessons in the Feldenkrais Method® in which students are verbally guided through gentle movements designed to expand self image for... Learn More

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ACT 901 | Magical Preparations: The Disney Audition

Auditioning for Disney can be an outstanding experience or an exercise in utter frustration.  If you're one of the many who have dreamed of auditioning for the Mouse, our Disney... Learn More


AUD 115 | Speaker Systems

COMING SOON -- Check back for the updated course start date. Understand speaker systems far better with this course.  Students will learn about the engineering and art involved in the... Learn More
$149.00 Not Currently Available for Registration

AUD 121 | QLab Show Development

To be a successful audio technician, you must have an excellent working knowledge of QLab; not only in operations but in preparation.  Our QLab Show Development course covers all of... Learn More


AUD 125 | Mixing with DCAs

If you're not fully aware of DCAs (Digitally-Controlled Amplifiers) in the world of mixing and console operation, then you're training is not nearly complete.  Our Mixing with DCAs course will... Learn More


AUD 129 | Acoustics for Theatre Professionals

Acoustics are an essential knowledge for audio professionals.  This course is designed to equip students (including designers, TD's, directors and other theatre professionals) with a basic understanding of acoustics and... Learn More


AUD 133 | Principles of RF Management

As the world's technology evolves, and the number of wireless devices continues to grow, the pressing need for more organized management of radio frequencies is a must.  Broadway shows now... Learn More